Top Tips for Maintaining Your Kitchen Cabinets

Product quality and longevity both play an important role in helping you to get the most bang for your buck once your kitchen remodel is complete. And, maintaining the original beauty of your new kitchen cabinets is a lot a lot easier when you start from the very beginning. Frequent care and maintenance of your cabinets will also help maintain any improvement value that your remodel added to your home.

Laminate Cabinet Doors

If you choose laminate cabinet doors, it’s with good reason! They are sleek, beautiful and offer low maintenance care. Simply dust frequently, at least every two weeks, and follow up with a soft damp cloth sprayed with a laminate-approved cleaning agent. You can also use a soft cloth dipped into a diluted mixture of gentle dish soap and water and wring dry. Follow with a quick, damp cloth rinse with plain water. The final step, buff dry with a soft, dry cloth. Voila! It’s that simple. 

Clean With Clean Cloths

You’re trying to clean food residue and kitchen gunk off your cabinets – so don’t use your kitchen sink rag that you use to clean dishes and food on your cabinet surfaces. Always make sure you’re using a clean rag that’s dedicated purpose is cleaning the cabinetry.

Test Cleaners Elsewhere

If you’re just getting into the habit of cleaning and maintaining your existing cabinets, or prepping to embrace a set of new custom cabinets – you’ll want to ideally test any new types of cleaning chemicals – even the natural products – in a small inconspicuous location to ensure that the cleaning solution doesn’t react negatively with the finish of the cabinetry.

Water-based cleaners are typically best, but harsh cleaning chemicals can sometimes remove the gloss finish from cabinets, pr at the very least create spots of diminished shine or lustre. If you’re new to a product, try it out on a small hidden space to gauge its effectiveness before blasting the entire kitchen with it.

Appliance Placement

Avoid placing steam-producing appliances directly under wood cupboards. After an extended period of time, they will literally steam-clean the finish right off of the wood.

Locate drip coffee makers and electric kettles in spots where they won’t be billowing steam onto wood that’s overhead. And if moisture accumulates on a wood surface after running the dishwasher, wipe it down promptly with a dry cloth.


Like cleaning, disinfecting kitchen cabinets and cupboards is one of those tasks that needs to be done a regular basis.

To ensure that the job gets done properly, all the tough-to-reach corners and awkward spots need to be addressed, to ensure that no germs or bacteria remain.

Of course, this does take some time and effort. But for cupboards that hold foodstuffs, the effort is well worth the results, as it will keep mold and mildew from forming, helps to kill germs, and keeps insects at bay as well.

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