Top Reasons Why You Need A New Kitchen

On the fence about whether to give your kitchen a makeover? Don’t panic, we’ve collated some great reasons why getting a new kitchen is a must.

You Will Have Adequate, Functional Storage:

A good kitchen design will create a custom “home” for everything! Your counters won’t be cluttered anymore. Everything will be organized making cooking and cleaning a breeze.

Create a Space that Works for Your Family

With a well-thought-out space comes relaxation and peace of mind. When you renovate your kitchen, it’s important to do so with your family’s specific needs in mind. Maybe you want to make a large table for gathering in the center of the room. Do the kids do homework at the snack counter? Do you want more storage in your kitchen, like many homeowners reported in the Houzz Kitchen Trends Study? Or perhaps you want more counter space because you love to entertain. Whatever your needs may be, this is your chance to make your wishes a reality.

Add value to your home

According to the National Association for Estate Agents (NAEA), if your budget can only stretch to renovating one room, that room should be the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of a home, so it stands to reason that this is the room most buyers focus on. It’s estimated that a new kitchen will improve the value of your property by around 5%-15%.

Indeed, Most experts in the industry agree that kitchens are a key room to decorate for securing a sale when you want to relocate – particularly those light and airy decorated contemporary designs such as our light grey stone quartz, which helps create a minimalist and elegant look which is very on-trend in the interiors world.

High-quality countertops are also a must-have in any modern kitchen design to boost value to your home.  Aside from being the literal work surface of your whole kitchen, they’re a massive focal point for the eye and help elevate value in the upgraded appearance and performance they offer.

Changing lifestyle

Your needs are different from the last owner’s. Perhaps they didn’t have a large family, as opposed to your five kids. Maybe they didn’t have a dog either. Or, maybe your own lifestyle has changed since you first bought the house.

Increase Energy & Water Savings

Are your appliances out-of-date and using unnecessary energy? A remodel is the perfect time to update. From ovens to dishwashers to stoves, kitchens are full of energy-sucking appliances that you may not even realize. There are other drawbacks to older appliances: If over 25 years old, your appliance won’t be stamped with the EPA’s Energy Star Seal. Also, a repair can be difficult and costly, with parts that are hard to find.

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